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Michelle Conner


Executive President

Oversees the day to day operations of the ministry.
Listens to a struggling family and hears their needs.
Invites God’s people to be available to families in crisis.
Equips God’s family to provide practical support without judgement.
Encourages others to seek the benefits of a relationship with God and His Church.

Staci Durik


Program Director / Family Case Manager

She reviews the initial intake application & will conduct a brief phone interview with the potential client. Then the FCM will set up a face-to-face Intake Interview with the potential client.
After interviews have been completed, the FCM will contact the Coach Coordinator to get a coach assignment.

The FCM and Client will schedule a meeting with the assigned Coach to establish a Family Management Plan.

Mikaelyn Conner
Admin Assistant


Emilie Goin
Admin Assistant


Kara Yeager Kirkley


Coach Coordinator

This person is a volunteer who will lead the team of coaches. She will establish and schedule trainings for our volunteers that will assist them in their roles.

Kristen Vest
Marketing Director


Kristen Vest works on marketing and fundraising details and events.

Angie Millner
Volunteer Coordinator


Establishes teams of volunteers willing to help in various areas. Yard work, clothing closet, drivers, cooking classes, budgeting, events, gardening, and babysitting, etc. She organizes opportunities to volunteer and create events and scheduling based on the needs outlined by the facility manager and program manager.

Shelly Cullum


Donation Coordinator

She will work to establish a storage unit and/or room/shed for various donations for our families. This will include diapers, food, gift cards, furniture, baby equipment and a clothing closet.

Resource Coordinator

Stevi is responsible for establishing a list of resources throughout Denton county that our coaches and Family Case Managers can refer to when needed.

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